June 1, 2023

// blvckstance

From the creator:

Stance Studio and ADMK have joined forces to launch a brief movie tribute referred to as “Reborn”, which tells the story of Michael Jordan’s journey by way of the metaphor of the sun tavern the enduring Strong Gold OVO Air Jordan sneakers and his influence on basketball and popular culture.

Manufacturing: Stance
Director: Blvckstance
Artwork Director: Maksym Khirnyy
Government Producer: Anastasiya Protsyuk
Idea: Viktor Pavlenko & Anton Vinogradov
Rnd: Maksym Khirnyy
Modeling: Bohdan Morykon
3d Generalist: Maksym Khirnyy & Daniel Karnyshov
TD: Nick Okolita
Texturing: Iaroslav Volkov
Transitions: Lagressif
Edit: Blvckstance
Colour: Viktor Malygin
Music / Sound Design / Mixing / Mastering: Redhorse Audio & Uniqsound